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  • 2025 Harbin winter wearing rental price in China

    Harbin winter clothes for rental in Harbin, China, clothes are clean and warm, no worry about infection disease, we do disinfect each time, outer down coat clean and dry, just free to rental with us, we do clothing rental service in Harbin for about 5  years. also only one vip clothes rent in Harbin, design for your own warm. clean and beautiful winter clothes. clothes are good quality.  Reserve in adance Harbin winter clothing rental a set clothes included outer coat,fur/f...
  • 2023 Harbin Ice Festival end of February

     2023 ice festival harbin, China, will be end of February but finally closed depend on the weather, usually every year finish at the end of February if the weather quite warm temperatures up zero will close early, because weather warm ice palace will melt and not safe walking inside, they will close on time, 2023 on January and February is quite warm than other years in Harbin city, but at the end of January will be very cold, February b still cold will stay to open at ...
  • order winter gear in Harbin city China

    You can  order winter gear in Harbin city and  to be delivered to the Harbin hotels China,  you can returning clothes  at hotels reception desk or concierge office, renting by per day, count days from delivery is first day, following day is second day, if delivery at night time after 8 pm will count first from following day is first day than second day, because whatever you noon time us or afternoon use clothes will be ready at morning time, hope you understanding, rental ...
  • How to Visit Snow Festival on Sunisland Harbin

    Hello everyone! if you don't have a tour guide,  We are just kindly show you how to visit Snow fair on Sunisland in Harbin city, China, Russian Town , cable car and frozen Songhuariver, they are in same place, first from( gate1) visit snow fair park, don't need to take inside transfer car, unnecessary, not that big, walking is good to visit, when you walking to Phoenix statue, turn left, and you should know turn  right is walking out the park( gate2) to Russian town, cabl...
  • How to visit Harbin ice festival attractions in Ch

    2023 winter Harbin Ice festival there is a sky wheel, usually they need to booking time before take it, zero pay, today I am not surre, maybe they change the rules, if still need booking time, I send you QR code, you scan after choice time, must before 15 mints to book time, you must on time book, otherwise time gone, We usually keep that booking time page, when time is coming we summit, finish book need to screem shot QR code  every one book 1, need your phone number , hope yo...
  • What time to entry Harbin ice and snow world 2023

    Harbin, China in winter is dark early, on December dark around 4pm on January dark around 4:30pm  on February dark around 5pm so you can visit ice festival around 4pm will be better you can stay inside 2 hours on 2023 winter time hope this information can help you if need more information  Cell phone: +86 155 6156 5808 WeChat: +86 155 6156 5808 Email: harbinprivatetours@163.com ...
  • Sorry Our Guest During Harbin Tour Get Hurt

    Today is Chinese New Year Eve 2023, in fact should be very happy day, morning first go to Sunisland, visit Sunisland with beautiful snow sculptures, until child guest hurt his knee, reason you travel cold weather you must prepare your wearing, must right wearing, not warm city wearing, our child guest fall down because he did fast rolling on metal rolling, he fall down, his pants broke and knee bleeding, if he wore heavy pants, he will not get hurt easy, after this, day tour because hospital...
  • Harbin Visitor Lost on extremely Cold weather

    It was extremely cold day in Harbin city on 23 January 2023, our foreigners visitor lost on the way, because they only hire our car with driver service, their itinerary first stop sunisland for snow festival or call snow fair, they enjoyed very much, take too long, start 1pm, 4 pm the driver give us call make sure the clients not lost, before clients talked with us about cable car how to take, when they arrived other side, cable car closed, can not transfer back, guests will us call, we t...
  • 2023 ice festival introduced in Harbin China

    Ice festival at Harbin ice and snow world start on 1999, until now 24 Years,  the park covers 810,000 square meters, ice building covers 600,000 square meters, every year different look ing, every years new building, when Harbin weather cold enough start to building around 5 of December, taking half month finish, usually open around 23 of December, at the entry of February closed, ice world building by ice blocks, all ice blocks take from our River, called Songhuariver, what will building...
  • How to visit Harbin Siberian Tigers Park Harbin Ch

     Harbin Siberian Tiger Park, there are two entry tickets price,130yuan and 110yuan price,one bus with window with metal net, for people who want to buy meat during tour to feed tigers, one bus good for sightseeing and photos,We suggest if you don't plan to buy meat to feed tigers; it is better to seat with metal net bus, big window and not crowd to visit, will have good experience, if you want to experience to feed tigers, you pay feed tigers bus tour and buy meat on spot, cost from...
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