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  • Harbin Metro Information, China

      Harbin has two subway/metro currently, the subway will go to train station, hospitals, shopping malls, government, Harbin metro line 1 doesn’t go to Harbin ice and snow attractions, Harbin metro line2 go to Harbin ice and snow attractions directly, if you travel to Harbin, it is better to live around subway area, it will be easy for you to transfer, because Harbin is difficult to get taxi in winter season, sometime you need to wait half hour or one hour in cold weather, so it i...
  • The Story of Russians in Harbin Last Century

    A historical site in Harbin where Russians lived and studied a hundred years ago.    September 18 on 2023, Monday, Samantha Song met her clients, Irina , who from Australia, her mother is Russians who lived in Harbin, left China on 1957, and her grandparents also came to Harbin from Russians during 1920, before they lived Hailar, after moved to Harbin, Heilongjiang province, China, Irina with her husband came to Harbin to find out her mother and grandparents who lived...
  • Winter Warm Clothes For Renting in Harbin,China

     Come to Harbin for ice festivla, you need to suit warm clothing for again cold, we are local in Harbin city, we run clothes rent for 3 year, we are improve each time, we offer heavy coat with different materials, down coat, cotten-paddled clothes, trousers with different quality, anti slip snow boots with different kind, warm hats, gloves, warm, windproof, windjammer, fleece-lined, puffer jacket, fur hood, waterproof, boots, fur lined boots, glove, scarf, scarves, galoshes, woo...
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+86 155 6156 5808

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