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Harbin Siberia Tiger park

  •  Siberian Tiger Park is Top1 park in the world.

    Siberian tiger park is a comprehensive enterprise integrating feeding, breeding, scientific research, protection and appreciation, a unique scenic area and currently the world’s largest base for artificial feeding and breeding of Siberian tigers. The tenet of the enterprise is conduct protection and scientific study of Siberian tigers, exploit their tourism value and support the development of protection and scientific research work with tourism revenues.

    Siberian tiger park is located in the songbei district of Harbin city, covering an area of 1.44 million square meters and by the end of 2010, the number of living Siberian tigers had reached up to 1000. Marking it become a remarkable” thousand-tiger park” since it was opened to the public in 1996, Siberian tiger park has attracted numerous tourist from home and abroad due to its strong rustic fascination charm, with over350000 people visitors year.

    Currently Siberian tiger park has number of scenic areas for sightseeing such as the wild breeding experimental area, the re -wilding and domestication area, the adult watch platform, the bred adult tiger area, the breeding tiger area, the liger area, the African tigers area, the tiger king area, the baby tiger area, the pedestrian area and the tiger watch platform, with a variety of large feline animals for appreciation, including over300 purebred Siberian tigers and also Bengal tiger, white tiger, snow tigers, white lions, liger beast, black jaguars, cheetahs, leopard and African lions. The whole tour take about an hour. Except for the pedestrian area and the tigers watch platform, you need to tour in other areas by bus, looking for tigers trace, experiencing the kinglike style of tigers and having a lot of fun.

    In order to enable tourists to get close to nature and seek wild pleasure, Siberian tiger park has meticulously designed and transformed the tourist bus adventure, No1, Providing a platform for tourists to have a peaceful coexistence and exchange with Siberian tigers, the bus body is protected with reinforced steel mesh, which can help real  “zero distance” contact with Siberian tigers by watching and feeding tigers, just with layer of reinforced steel mesh in between.

    Siberian tiger park entry ticket is 110YUAN per person, child under 1.2 free with adult, but need to pay bus fee 20YUAN

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