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One-Full Day Jewish Tour

  •  a full day Jewish tour,(the city  of Harbin is an integral and central part of the historical experience of the Jewish presence in modern China)

    morning at 9am, your tour guide  meet your hotel lobby. first take you go to Harbin Jewish Cemetery,located on the Huangshan Mountian in Harbin's easter suburb, it is the largest and best preserved Jewish  cemetery in the far eat. from your hotel drive there will be take 1 hour, then spend 1 hour there, back also need  40 mints to Harbin city, then go to lunch, you have lunch menu, you choice what you like

    after lunch go to Harbin Jewish New Synagogue, it is the history and culture Jewish exhibition was put on  display in Synagogue, you will spend 1 hour there. after continue to visit some Jewish work and living building in Harbin, you will visit the renovated main Jewish Synagogue, the renovated Jewish women charity society, Jewish home for the aged and jewish  free keitchen, site of former  Harbin jewish high school, site of Harbin jewish hospital, Morderne hotel, bank, and you will visit central street, many work office there. after these you will be transfer back to you. 

    Private Harbin Tours

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+86 155 6156 5808
+86 155 6156 5808

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