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Snow Festival(Fair) on Sun Island

  • Scenic area Harbin Sun Island

     We will visit the Sun Island,  We hold snow fair on sun island on winter time,  there is famous Chinese song named on the sun island just to describe it,  when you walk into sun island you will hear about this song, they play this song all always, sun island is situated on the north bank of Songhua river, seeing downtown across the river, and occupies 380,000 square kilometers on the whole. Several years ago, bream is rich in this island, and bream in ancient Chinese. As time goes by, it has its today’s name-Sun island. This island is embosomed in water, and it is popular summer resort . the main place we visit on the sun island is the sun island park, which has more than 300,000 trees of 100 varieties, such as pinus, stlvestris, larch, poplar, willow, elm, and so on. In the parkl, the total area is 114 hectares, including shuigeyuntian, you will see lots of architectures in European style and you can see the whole landscape in different positions. During the ice and snow festival of Harbin. The international  and national sculpture matches are held here once a year.

    Made of snow, snow sculpture is carved into various images. It is a work of art. A complete snow sculpture should go through two processes, carving and modeling. Its producing environment should below zero degree, and snow and water are used to create lots of wonderful sculptures. In china, snow sculpture are developed in early 1960s, the first snow sculpture was held in sunisland in January 1988. After that, this match is held once a year and it attracts many people to visit here.

    This year snow fair is 31th session.

    In the park snow thing is not natural snow, it artificial snow, when harbin cold enough start to make snow, how to make sculpture, it is lots of work, first make snow, then put into wood box, how big snow sculpture, they will how big box, then put all snow inside and then press hard, like stone. Next follow the drawing to work art, it is group work. Until rob down, show we will watch final snow works, but still have some unfinish snow work.


    Now let us walking into snow art work heaven. Visiting beautiful art of snow.

    Entry ticket:330RMB a ticket winter time, free to visit in summer time

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