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Harbin Porland

  • Harbin Polarland, a 4A-class tourist area, which one of the four scenic sports of Harbin international ice and snow festival, is the first polar animals’ performance cored entertainment park in China. It has the most complete variety of animals from north and south poles and the top-level polar animals show, and is characterized by polar animals entertainment. Because of all of which, the polarland is rated as the”Global Outstanding Scenic Aera in the world

    The perfect performance of the “happy amazing polar whale troupe” with well-known polar animal stars from all over the world gathering together in Harbin polarland spares no effort to lead the world’s top-level polar animal-themed shows. the world’s unique polar beluga subaqueous show”the heart of ocean”has been broadcast on CCTV channels about 100times, and was listed in the”Global top 50 historic moments’ of the huffington post UAS in 2015, the Antarctic penguin”manbo” the world’s first penguin born in an inland city, became a famous star in CCTV news in2007 and the most well-known instant online star in 2016 due to its”play on the slide in the snow” polar bear brothers”Don’s and Quixoto”. Which are the best at performances in China, the funny youth group “silly tickle walruses””eno and eva”as well angle rays and mermaids in the ice sea presend you with a fantastic polar variety show…

    Entry Ticket :160RMB a ticket 

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