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Harbin Volga Manor

  • Volga Manor is a cultural tourist attraction with the theme of Russian culture based on Harbin history. We are now located in the lower reaches of the Ashes River, which originates from Maoer Mountain, Shangzhi City, 100 kilometers away. The Jin Dynasty is called "Passing Tiger Water" and flows through the famous Jincheng City of Acheng, the capital city of the Jin Dynasty. The ruins of the Beijing Huining House form a huge river bay in the Volga Manor. Then he went to Xiangfang and Dao, and finally injected into the Songhua River. Located on the banks of the river, Volga Manor covers an area of more than 600,000 square meters(about 1,000 acres). It is invested and built by the local private enterprise Dongjian Company. After more than 10 years of careful design and construction, it has built dozens of Chinese and Russian history. Classic buildings, It integrates urban history, architectural art and wetland beauty in harmony, and realizes a high degree of integration of ecological tourism, leisure and cultural experience. Let you experience the beautiful artistic conception of "listening to the bells in the manor paintings and pushing the windows to remember Russia"! Volga Manor is a Chinese cultural exchange base for Russia. It is a famous AAAA-level scenic spot for tourists at home and abroad for summer vacations, winter urban skiing, and four-season cultural experience. It is also the window of Harbin's urban culture, the spiritual wilderness and spiritual homeland of the old Harbin people's cultural memory and emotional sustenance, and is also the art hall of the city.

    The Name Come From:

    One might ask: Why the manor? In fact, Volga Manor is a cultural tourist attraction built on the basis of Russian Manor Culture and Harbin City Culture. In Russia, Russian manor is a unique cultural phenomenon, born in the early days of Tsarist Russia, It is a garden landscape, life scene, social place and cultural activity center created by the integration of the design concept of French urban park and the characteristics of Russian rural culture. First, during the period of Peter the Great, due to the construction of the capital, St. Petersburg, European architectural features and styles were popular in Russia. By the time of Catherine II, the aristocratic manor had a comprehensive function of daily living, economic affairs, and cultural activities, attracting cultural people from all walks of life to gather and exchange, which in turn promoted the development of local culture.

    Volga Manor is based on the natural landscape to set up cultural scenery according to local conditions, combining natural beauty with artificial techniques to make it interesting. It reflects people's extreme love for nature. Natural vegetation makes people feel very comfortable in it. The core of the manor still emphasizes the integration of culture into nature. The main body of the manor culture includes: architecture, sculpture, and garden art. From the functional point of view, the manor set sightseeing, food, accommodation, conferences, gatherings, weddings, and study tours and other functional tourist resorts; At the same time, there are Russian dance performances, photography, painting, Mini golf, winter snow and ice activities and other leisure activities.

    Volga Manor is the reproduction of beautiful manors in Russian history and the epitome of Harbin's history and culture. Why "Volga"? Because the Volga River is the mother river of Russia and the source of Russian culture, the Asher River where Volga Manor is located is the mother river of northern Chinese peoples, especially the Jurchens(Manchu ancestors). The city of Harbin is also a combination of Russian culture and local culture. Generated hybrid, The Russian culture is the mainstream of Harbin urban culture for a period of time, and the manor has the shadow of Russian culture in its shape and connotation. Therefore, the chairman, Mr. Huangzuxiang, named the manor "Volga."

    1, Volga Hotel
    Our first stop on the estate was the Volga hotel. The original building was designed by the famous Russian designer Caidelieer in 1896. As the exhibition hall of the All-Russian Exhibition Agricultural Area, it stands in the famous Russian city of Xianuofugeluodeshi. Xianuofugeluodeshi is the hometown of Gorky and is also the Russian industrial and cultural center. During the Soviet Union, the city was named after Gorky. After the Soviet Union disintegrated, it changed its name back to its original name. Look at this building in front of us. Three tented roofs stand shoulder to shoulder, slender and upright, as if the sword stabbed the sky. It is a typical Gothic architectural style. Gothic style originated in medieval France, often used in religious buildings, trying to express mysterious, mournful, noble emotions with outstanding skills. After the building was completed, it could be said that the limelight was exhausted and all visitors were amazed. Unfortunately, the building was destroyed in 1925. The builders of Volga Manor were rebuilt by the Ashe River in order to make up for the shortcomings of this human architectural art. The hotel has a variety of types of rooms, meeting rooms, multi-functional hall, complete facilities. At this moment, she is hiding in
     Birch forest, standing quietly on the water's edge, as if to tell the pride and prosperity of Russia.


    The beautiful building ahead of us is Martha's.

    And ... Commodity stores mainly sell pure Russian arts and crafts and tourism products. (The colorful building itself is like her name), like a Russian girl dressed in a thick and bright dress, standing openly on the river, waiting to meet her lover. This building was designed and built with reference to the exhibition hall of the Nizhny Novgorod textile factory in Russia. This building has the characteristics of magnificent and flaunt and also reflects the spiritual outlook of the rise of capitalism. The Russian goods sold by the merchandise stores are full of sights, and there are also many Harbin regional cultural works, tourist souvenirs and black native products.

    3, Happiness Bridge
    The Happiness Bridge across the water directly leads to St. Nicholas Church. If you 've ever been to the Charizino manor in Russia, you 'll find the bridge familiar. This iron bridge resembles the iron bridge in the Charizino Manor. This iron bridge in Volga Manor belongs to a double-hole arched iron bridge. The bridge is a very artistic steel structure. The bridge deck is welded by steel plates and wooden boards are laid on it. The entire bridge is like a link, connecting the two most representative beautiful buildings on both sides of the strait, becoming the heart of the scene. The eye in the painting is the most beautiful scenery from any point of view.

    4, Church of St. Nicholas
    What we see now is the core and classic building of the entire estate, and it is also the center of the manor culture-the solemn and sacred Church of St. Nicholas. This church was once a landmark building in Harbin. At that time, it was located in the center square of Nangang, commonly known as Lama Terrace. The church was built in 1900 by the Russian Tsar to approve the first church in Harbin. The long history made this church a memory of Harbin city., It is a symbol of Harbin's "Oriental Moscow" city. The Church of St. Nicholas has experienced vicissitudes and witnessed the development of Harbin from a fishing village to a modern city. The church was demolished by the Red Guards on August 23, 1966 during the Cultural Revolution.

    5, Misha shop
    The red brick building we see now is the Misha shop. You see this famous Russian poet(Pushkin) is meditating in front of the building. The red brick building of the salon is hidden in the tall poplar forest. It has a quiet beauty in romance. It has a typical Russian style and seems to be similar to the museum style on the red field in Moscow. The interior of the store is beautifully decorated, geometric shapes are everywhere, and several old pianos and elegant art sculptures are displayed in the room, which is more elegant and has cultural taste.

    6, Pavlov Castle
    Pavlov Castle is one of the famous ancient castles in Russia and was built with reference to the Leningrad Bip Castle in Russia. The whole building is carved carefully, the appearance is magnificent, solemn and solemn, and the part is abrupt. Romantic poetry, the building has the thickness of history, but also rich imagination space, belonging to the combination of classical and romantic style. The original castle once imprisoned the Russian tsar and showed some mystery, demonstrating the cold and angular edge of Russian culture; It is a famous castle fortress in Russian history. It was dubbed Paul I's big toy. It was built in 1798. Paul I once lived in it. The castle also worked as a hospital, police station and school. The building was burned during World War II. We have also gone to great lengths to restore this massive historic building. In Pavlov Castle, you can enjoy the unique castle culture, enjoy Russian oil paintings, taste Russian wine, and hold luxurious romantic European castle weddings.

    7, White Birch Restaurant
    The building in front of the birch forest is a white birch restaurant. She is a classic of Russian wooden architecture. Her beautiful appearance is positive from all four faces. When the sun was rising, the sun shone on Birch forest  and put a layer of golden gauze on the white birch restaurant, making her look like a bride to be married. It was poetic. The square in front of the Little White Birch Restaurant is a group sculpture with the theme of love-the Love God Sculpture Garden, which is very characteristic of St. Petersburg gardens. This is the first choice for team activities, picnic camps.

    8, golf club
    We also have a golf club in the park. The small golf course crosses the lake. The winding fairway is closely linked to the castle and skillfully combines sports with the natural landscape. On the left, the long, stable like building is the Borderley Village Hotel, a club clubhouse with well-appointed accommodation and dining facilities that provide exclusive services to members while customizing golf themed summer camps, family tours and

    9, CharleyCastle

    Charizino Castle and Amur Castle are fairy tales in the winter. In the summer, they become the foil of Bideluofugong. The three castle buildings echo each other, setting off their amazing artistic beauty. Before entering Jinnuobao, there is a Gothic style gatehouse, which is a happy door. Through the gate of happiness, it was Jinnuobao who arrived. Charizino is a transliteration of the Russian "Queen" because it is the private manor of Queen Ekaterina. It is based on red brick and inlaid with white stone as a decoration. It is a medieval European architectural style. As the fitness center of the manor, Jinnuobao formed a palace complex with Bideluofugong and Amuerbao. It is a golf course in summer and a unique castle ski resort in winter, especially for children and junior skiers. Castle skiing is a precedent in Harbin and even China. Interestingly, after the construction of the Charizino Manor was completed, it was demolished and rebuilt because the Queen was not satisfied. It was not completed until the Queen's death. The construction of the Russian government was completed in the previous years. And our Volga Manor was put into use earlier than the Charizino Manor.other team activities.

    10, Bideluofu
    Bideluofu's art palace is magnificent and Noble. The exterior is like a tall castle. The interior decoration is brilliant and the entire building has a unique Russian royal style. Bideluofugong was designed and built on the prototype of a monastery in Moscow. It absorbs many classical architectural elements in Russia and is a comprehensive art palace that integrates functions such as exhibitions, banquets, conferences, activities, and art appreciation. Its internal structure is grand, its spatial sequence is complex, and its multi-functional hall is particularly rich in decoration. It is beautifully carved everywhere. The murals of famous Russian painters and the 12 constellation guardian goddess sculptures tailored by sculptors for the manor are all artistic treasures. Browsing the palace is like swimming in an art gallery. The square in front of the building has fountains and lawns, surrounded by greenery, and the front is a curved river. The environment is elegant and pleasing. The most shocking thing is not the building itself and the beautiful Square, but the famous Russian writer Dostoevsky engraved on the stone tablet in the front square of the palace-`` Beauty will save the world "!

    11, fishing club
    The fishing hotel was built on the prototype of the fishing hotel in the "Cross Island Scenic Area" in Western St. Petersburg, Russia. The hotel is very famous in Russia and President Putin has visited it. Our fishing restaurant is located in the easternmost part of the manor, built by the lake, and the hydrophilic platform is a good "Diaoyutai". Interestingly, the small island in the water is also named "Diaoyu Island." Fishing restaurants have also received many leaders and celebrities. You can find a leisurely fishing here, or you can relax and enjoy a special fish feast. The slogan here is "The most delicious fish is self-caught! ". Leisure cabins along the coast are very popular, and you can join friends and family on weekends to enjoy the fun of fishing, barbecue, picnic and outdoor life!
    12, Jin Wan Western Restaurant
    The Golden Ring Western Restaurant is named after the Russian "Golden Ring" tourist line. The "Golden Ring" tourist line is a gold tourist line consisting of more than 10 medieval towns and cities starting from Moscow and reaching the Volga River in the Northeast. The building was an exhibition hall at the Khabarovsk International Exposition in 1913 and was demolished after the Expo. According to three photos of the building provided by Russian experts, the builders of the manor have been preparing for several years to present this exquisite architectural artwork to everyone. From the outside, the building is magnificent, the color is soft, and the shape is beautiful. The main dome and the four towers are magnificent and elegant. The interior decoration of the restaurant is mainly reflected in the paintings on gables and Windows. It is unique. Every detail does not let go of the aesthetic requirements, every corner is a fine carved art, even furniture, chandeliers are designed and produced by themselves, full of rich Russian national customs, so that you can taste the pure Russian style of Western food at the same time, You can also enjoy Russian paintings and artworks. Jinhuan Western Restaurant is currently the largest, most beautiful and most distinctive Western restaurant in China. It has received national leaders and many international friends and famous diplomats.

    13, three bear parks
    The Three Bears Park is a new project built in cooperation with Russian partners. As you know, the bear is a symbol of the Russian state and nation and a symbol of Russian culture. The "Three Bears" cartoon is still a favorite work of children. The park has restored the living scenes of ancient Russian farmers four hundred years ago. You can visit courtyards, residential houses, warehouse houses, livestock sheds, and poultry houses. You can also learn to draw handicrafts from Russian technicians, make Russian bread, and personally participate in the brewing of "Gewasi" beverage. The courtyard is also a paradise for children. There are various ancient amusement facilities built of logs, houses and fish ponds based on fairy tales, and close contact with small animals. This is a paradise for children's dreams.
    Country Villa
    Opposite the Three Bears Paradise is the Russian-style village villa area. There are four Russian country villas with four logs such as Natasha's home, the forest keeper's home, the hunter's hut, and Kucimiqi's home., dining, entertainment and other functions in one. Each country villa has its own back garden, leisure, fishing, enjoy the private space of joy alone, is an ideal place for family gatherings and friends. Enjoy a Russian ethnic meal, which will give you a whole new taste. 5 ~ 7 # Country Villa(Grand Banja) is suitable for various types of gatherings. The architectural style is unique and has a complete variety of leisure facilities. Using the traditional Russian woodcut architectural style, when it was built here, there was also a Russian sauna, Banja, which was suspended because tourists could not enjoy the winter sauna. The utilization rate was too low. The Barnia country villa and the quiet forest villa are elegant and leisurely. Together with the three bear parks and fishing hotels, they have built the simple beauty of the Russian countryside.
    15, the gate of the manor
    The gate of the manor uses the 17th century Russian wooden castle Sparta House as a prototype, and the entire building atmosphere is exquisite. The center is a four-slope top tower with a hanging bell tower for passage. Above the top of the four slopes is a double-headed eagle. The mighty gate, like a loyal warrior, guards the peace of the manor, as it did in Russia more than a hundred years ago. The texture of pure wood gives people a 16, wedding hall
    The building in front of it is a wedding hall with a romantic name, Kelaxiwei. The Russian language of this word has two meanings: one is to represent beauty, and the other is to mean a diamond-level service. The wedding hall is a professional wedding service organization of the manor. It integrates wedding customization, wedding banquet and wedding photography, and is committed to building a one-stop high-end wedding brand in China. The hall was the earliest place for employees to work, and was later transformed into a delicate and light landscape with distinctive Russian national characteristics. Recently, this wedding hall has undergone a new transformation and has become the creative base of the Harbin Photographers Association. On this vast meadow by the river, the old windmills whirled with the wind, as if they had led us to the medieval fields of Russia, where land, rivers, forests, and a fighting people were raised
    17, Aoliante Hotel
    This bright yellow building is the Yanlian Hotel. It was built in accordance with the 19th century Russian architectural style and named after the first hotel in Harbin history with a cinema. The company was specially named "Oriental." There are different types of guest rooms and meeting rooms here. It is a professional place for business negotiations, meetings, and training.
    The front of the hotel consists of four islands: Four Seasons Island, Pigeon Island, Three Warriors Island and Birch Island. The entire area is connected to water, bridges and bridges, and the scenery is unique. It is an excellent place for visitors to take a nap and take photos. These islands are like Lotus leaves floating on the water and are connected by small bridges like Lotus paths. In summer, the grass was covered with dew, and the water was foggy, as if it were a thin gauze on a mirror. The bridge is of all kinds, showing its delicacy, such as practicing like a rainbow; With the flavor of the Russian countryside. Water mist dispersed, the lake is like a mirror, against the blue sky and white clouds, green trees and Qionglou, simply in a fairyland like a dream.
    18, Miniajiuer
    Old Harbin people remember the building. The Miniajiuer restaurant is like a giant boat that stops on the shore. She was once located on Sun Island. It is the thought of the old Harbin people. Those who are 40 years old do not miss that time. It is also the memory of the Harbin people's tongue. The building was built by the Jewish Katz in 1926. At that time, many old Harbin people would take their families there for boating, swimming, and picnics on weekends. Unfortunately, a fire in 1997 completely swallowed this classic building that recorded Harbin's century of fashion. In 2008, we rebuilt Miniajiuer as a Chinese restaurant. The purpose is also to restore and retain Harbin's culture, leave historical memories and feelings for the old Harbin people, and also show the city's fashion culture to visitors at home and abroad. Miniajiuer can accommodate 400 people at the same time. The first floor is a Chinese self-help, the second floor is a Chinese table, and the third floor is a viewing platform. Standing on the restaurant viewing platform, the entire Volga Manor is visible, and we see many panoramic photographs of Volga Manor almost all taken here.
    19, Fantajiya performing arts center
    The Fantajiya was designed and built on the prototype of the Russian Tsar's villa on the outskirts of Moscow. Its name originated from Harbin's famous nightclub in the 1920s, which means "dream" in Russian. She has the shadow of the old Central Street, where she can also find old traces of Harbin nightlife in the early part of the last century. You can enjoy the wonderful performances of the Volga Art Troupe and can enjoy leisure and entertainment in the Diba, Bar, and Cafe. After nightfall, the square often hosts bonfires. Visitors can join Russian actors and sing and dance. The bonfire party echoed with the Volga night show on the river and was very lively.
    20, love island
    We 've been around the park today, visiting the main attractions and buildings, and now there's a core attraction. Can you see the island in the water? It's called "love island". Love Island is an artificial island. The original pontoon was connected to the shore. Later, the pontoon was demolished and became an island. Speaking of love island, there is a story. When the island was just completed, it was catching up with Harbin's second forest music festival. Volga Manor was an overflow venue. In order to show different content of the festival activities, the Manor Art Troupe rehearsed a real-life drama on the theme of love. It told the fisherman's son and the woodcutter's daughter that they fell in love and were obstructed, but the two were loyal to love, remained steadfast, and moved the folks and parents of both sides. The story of getting married through hard times. The real scene performance screen is beautiful, the music is melodious, the plot is compact, ups and downs, and great success. In particular, the end of a wedding made the story come to a climax. Visitors eat happy drinks and sugar, dance together, participate in interactions, and become a Sino-Russian art party. Everyone left an unforgettable impression and memory. The island is also very popular and has since been called "Happiness Island." Later, because there was a small Diao yu Island in a fishing village attraction, everyone jokingly called the island "Great Black Blind Island." Today, it is the stage for the "Volga Night" performance. Summer nights have wonderful performances such as light music and water shows, accompanied by Russian actors 'water ballet. Watching a wonderful performance at night will surely fill your eyes.
    21, Maria wedding church
    The Maria wedding church on the high hillside is beautiful and affectionate, like a bird that flies in the air and overlooks the beautiful garden under the feather. Many young people's wedding ceremonies are held here. In the summer, the flowers are beautiful, it is an air garden. In the winter, the entire hillside is covered with snow, showing the pride and holiness of the church. The wedding church and the sky garden and the turret below, the corridor spiral ladder, constitute the elegant, gorgeous and noble side of the Russian manor culture.simple feeling away from the hustle and bustle.The Volga Manor is the most beautiful and unique manor in China. It is a feast of Chinese and Russian culture. It is an idyllic poem, a landscape painting, and a love song. Volga Manor will bring you beautiful enjoyment.

    Entry Ticket fee: 150RMB a ticket, Russian Show 100RMB a ticket

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