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  • Harbin Siberian Tiger Park

    Siberian Tiger Park is top1 park in the world. Siberian tiger park is a comprehensive enterprise integrating feeding, breeding, scientific research, protection and appreciation, a unique scenic area and currently the world’s largest base for artificial feeding and breeding of Siberian tigers. The tenet of the enterprise is conduct protection and scientific study of Siberian tigers, exploit their tourism value and support the development of protection and scientific research work with tourism re...
  • Harbin Ice and Snow World

    First set-up by the Harbin Municipal Government in 1999, Harbin Ice and Snow World is by far the largest ice and snow art exhibition in the world. It is commonly referred to as possessing four of the key 'mosts': the most art attractions, the most beautiful night views, the most recreational activities and the most forms of entertainment. Furthermore, the festival is constantly evolving and each year brings with it a new theme, providing visitors with a totally unique experience from one year to...
  • Warm Clothers Rent in Harbin Winter

     Rental Winter Clothing in Harbin China is best Choice, for rental in formation need from you   Detail reach us by  Cell phone & WeChat:  +86 155 6156 5808 Email:  harbinprivatetours@163.com Your size please Shoes (better sport shoes)- UK/US/EU    Coat - UK/US/EU  (chest length CM )   Pants - waistline ( long centimeter is better for your right size)   Pants-hipl...
  • Laodaowai Chinese Baroque

    Laodaowai Chinese Baroque Touch the history of Harbin, the history of Laodaowai is the history of Harbin With the flood of immigration, Deping county of Shandong province Fu Baoshan and his brother Fu Bao settled here, and opened the” Dache Dian(like stores)” therefore, named Fu Jia Dian here. The history of Daowai started from Here. After 1746, a large number of Han and Man people rushed into here, formed a fixed and small village. From the Qianlon...
  • Unit 731 History Museum

    Site of unit 731 of the Japanese imperial army The unit 731 protected site is unique in the sense that it is not only the site of largest base for research, experimentation and production of biological weapons in history, but also where the Japanese intended to produce weapons of mass destruction that would harm both human life and the environment. The unit731 protected site contains a wealth of well-preserved historical relics, documents and archival resources which truthfully and cl...
  • Harbin Confucius Temple

      Harbin Confucius Temple was built from 1926 and finished in 1929. The sponsors were governors of the East Province. Although the history of the temple is only 70 years, it has experienced lots of turmoil. Harbin Confucius Temple is the largest one of its kind in Northeast China. It originally covered an area of 60,000 square meters. But till now, only a space of 23,000 square meters with a floor space of 5,674 square meters remains under its control. ( 文庙的格局 ) ...
  • Harbin Old Russian Town

    The Russian style town is a tourism leisure town that has strong Russian style, covers an area of 100000 odd square meters. The town is constituted of 27 villas and civilian residences that show the simple and strong Russian style of last century and the architectural art has been retained. These villas and flowers, green trees set each other off, which are in picturesque features and style. The new unique tourism scenery of the sun island constituted of the town formed by the architectures complex,...
  • Harbin Songhua River Ropeway

      Harbin ropeway Harbin tourist ropeway, which ranged from swan castle in the south to the sun island in the north, across the Songhua river, is a pretty famous sightseeing transportation, the ropeway, with total length of 1156 meters and 70meters stents from the river, may overlook the a bank of Songhua river with a splendid splendid sight  harbin tourist ropeway was build 1997 costly , one of the key project of Harbin, the ropeway system has equipped the technologies from ...
  • Harbin Jile Temple

      The temple of Ultimate bliss is a Buddhist temple. With an area of 57,000 square meters, it is one of the four well-know Buddhist temples in northeast China. The others are Banre temple in Changchun, Cien Temple in Shenyang, Lengyan Temple in Yingkou. The construction of the temple started in 1921 and was completed in 1924. It was formally opened to the public in 1928. It has become a protection. Now it is also an important tourist attraction for domestic and international visit...
  • Longta TV Tower

    Tongta Tower(Dragon Tower ) is TV tower of Heilongjiang Province and a landmark in Harbin city , it was built on April  April  1998, take two years, finished  on 2000 This steel tower is 336 meters high,  it is the first steel high  tower in Asian, the second one in the world. and it is offical memeber of world tower association since November 8 2008.  you will visit sky tea house and tower musum, in addition you will enjoy interesting dining experi...
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    Harbin Attractions & Northeast China Attractions

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