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  • Get Your Right Winter Clothing in Harbin

    We have all size winter clothes for you  in Harbin, China, also extral biggest outer jacket, pant, snow shoes we have,  we are very serious about quality we offer, if you live hotel no worry, our clothes also no need worry, they are clean enogh for safe. You give us clearly informations about your size, we will give your right warm winter clothes in Harbin, below information you need to know from us clothes rent in Harbin Reserve in adance Harbin win...
  • Winter Clothes Rental in Harbin, China

    We offer clothes rent service in Harbin, all clothing warm and clean. Our clothes are out side wearing, you also need wear underwear, if don't know what should wear inside free to contact us WeChat 15561565808 or Email harbinprivatetours@163.com if need clothes rental from us need your size like below Shoes (better sport shoes)- UK  / US/EU    Coat - UK / US/EU   Pants - waist  ...
  • Snow Fair on Sun Island 2023 -2024 Entry Ticket

    Sun Island (太阳岛)hold snow fair every winter time in Harbin, this year also will do snow things in Sun Island,  Address: No.1 Sun Avenue, Songbei District, Harbin City 地址: 哈尔滨市松北区太阳大道1号 What will you visit on Sun Island on Winter season 1, white snow buildings 2. white snow animals  3. white snow art works 4.there are some ice and snow amusement activities  5. all white snow things ...
  • Harbin Ice and Snow World 2023-2024 ticket book

    If you want to out line about 2023-2024 Harbin ice and snow world entry ticket, we can book Harbin ice and snow world entry  ticket for you Telll us you go date, month, on that day what time around entry ice and snow park  name and can get ticket phone number if dont have email also is ok We will send you ticket code to you, you just go to entry gate scan code and check into the ice and snow world park, it is very easy way to go. 330yu...
  • 2024 Harbin Ice World entry ticket purchase

    2024 Ice Festival happen place at Harbin ice and snow world, also call ice world entry ticket a ticket is 330yuan purchase a head of time add 60yuan more, if you need this purchase a head of time enty tickets  contact us via  Cell phone: +86 155 6156 5808 WeChat: +86 155 6156 5808 Email: harbinprivatetours@163.com Harbin ice festival booking entrance ticket service, Harbin ice and snow world entrance ticket purchase ...
  • Rent Warm Clothes in Harbin Winter

    We have been run winter gear rent in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province China, about 4years, every time we try our best to offer best experience about rental clothes from us, and improve ourselves every time. We have all size of winter clothing,snow boots are warm and non-slip, you just let us know your UK, US, Europe size, we will take you right snow boots or shoes, pants or trousers we still need to improve give clients right one, it is better to tell us your hip line and waistline b...
  • Harbin Ice Festival 2022-2023 entry ticket price

     at the end of December on 2022 to at the end of Feb. 2023 Harbin ice festival at Harbin ice and snow world entry ticket is 298yuan a person, elderly people age under 65 years follow your family free to entry to it, you need show your improve you are eldly people. if you need winter clothing rental also can contact us  wechat  chinasafetravel  emai: harbinprivatetours@163.com  ...
  • Harbin Covid-19 News and Ice Festival 2022-2023

     Harbin situation like ther cities in China, maybe a little slowly, but also Covid-19 open, you can go anywhere, but some places like Harbin attraction need covid test in 48 hours currently, who know coming days what will change, maybe just health code is green is ok, also Harbin city is very quite, almost no people go outside if not need, but most of people who work in the office they got coivd-19 virus, then  some boss let them continue to work, some boss allow no   ...
  • The planning and design of Harbin Ice and Snow Wo

        For 2020-2021 Harbin Ice Festival on Harbin ice and snow world open date will be around 20 of December 2020  The Ice Festival on Harbin Ice and Snow World entry ticket price from 330RMB reduce to 100RMB on 2020-2021 Wechat add: chinasafetravel or 15561565808  Email: harbinprivatetours@163.com  http://www.icefestivalprivatetours.com/     &...
  • Harbin Ice Festival Open Date 2023-2024

    The Harbin ice and snow festival is the largest and most famous one, known as the Harbin ice and snow world. It starts around December 20, 2023 and finish at the end of Febuary 2024 Harbin Ice and snow world entry ticket is 330YUAN per person, under 1.2m is free, between 1.2-1.5 is 200YUAN per person, senor people up 65 years old with family free to entry. Please reach us via email harbinprivatetours@163.com   &nb...
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